500GB Hard Drive

Hitachi releases worlds first 500GB hard drive. At $1.00 a GB for the parallel ATA version of the SATA II verion (which is just $20 more) it is reasonably priced. I really need several of these if anyone wants to donate a few. Shit I'll take any external USB or Firewire drives you would like to send. Email me for details on where to send them.
From PCWorld:
Hitachi's new Deskstar 7K500 drive marks several milestones in the storage industry: It's the first desktop hard drive to reach 500GB and one of the first to use the speedy new SATA II interface. In terms of how it stores data, though, the Deskstar may be among the last of its kind, as drive manufacturers begin to approach the limits of how densely they can pack data using today's standard recording technology.