$65,000 well spent

Ever wnted to be the king of the road? Well now you can for the low price of $65000. (Sorry missles not included) Let's just hope this doesn't become the next Yuppie fad. They have a hard enough time driving in a Expedition. Unfortunately we all know that offering this at a mere doubleing of the Expeditions price will only attract them in droves.

A worker polishes a SmartTruck III at the Global Security Asia 2005 exhibition in Singapore. The armoured vehicle is equipped with a full range of electronic devices that enable the five-member crew to monitor the environment and control a lethal arsenal. One button can control a .50 caliber machinegun mounted on the roof that can fire 520 rounds per minute. It is also armed with 16 missiles to shoot down incoming rocket propelled grenades in mid-air(AFP/Roslan Rahman)