Budd's VersaTee

In keeping with the Ham theme Bud- W3FF and Chris have released their newest must have accessory for the BuddiPole, the VersaTee.

From the site:
The new VersaTee is truly a revolution in design for any type of portable dipole. Manufactured from a custom-made injection mold with fiberglass reinforced materials which are UV resistant, the VersaTee is built rugged and made to withstand extended outdoor use in all types of conditions.

The VersaTee contains standard 3/8" x 24 threads for mounting Buddipole antenna arms or other elements (such as Hamsticks) securely. The addition of molded pin placements allows for the use of rotating arms which lock securely into place. You can now create any dipole configuration you desire (Slopers, Vees and Inverted Vees, L shapes, Vertical dipoles, etc.) in only a matter of seconds and without fear of slipping!

You must get one now!!