Exotic Dancers Events Committee

Image taken from www.ratebeer.com

We would like to extend you an invitation to join the Exotic Dancers Events Committee. Our organizations purpose is to create local, national and international events and promotions at gentleman's clubs worldwide. We are in the process of establishing the New Jersey Chapter Committee and would like to extend your club an invitation to join and have a voice in the way the committee sets up events in your town. We would like to sit all interested parties to a sit-down in hopes of coming to agreement in furtherance of the committees vision in New Jersey. Over the course of time we will be having similar meeting with club owners across the world. So whether your club is local, national or international you will be able to reach people that might otherwise not have the opportunity to patronize your club. Also on the agenda for the first meeting will be the election of the Board President.

Any interested parties please email nef