First Post

Well here it is. The web repository for the random shit that runs through my mind. One must first come to terms with the fact that this will not be updated on a regular basis, as my mind seems to work in cycles. So there will be times when there is new content daily for some time and others when... Well you get the idea.
Chances are that I will dislike not you, but certain things about you. Although I seem to home in on these things. It's the things that people do that bother me more than anything else. Individuals are mostly intelligent but I have found that people in groups, often as small as 2-3 are sheep. IQ levels drop by as much as 50% in groups. They seem to take on a herd or hive mentality and lose all ability to think for themselves unless influenced by an outside source. Basically people suck.

Let me take a moment to thank all of the web comic artists out there. You make many days start off better than they would. Let me also take a moment to complain about the artists that ask for donations and sell art on ebay specifically to purchase new eqipment so they can post new art while away then don't. Listen I appreciate that it is HARD WORK to come up with, draw and script these comics. I support as many of the web comics as I can by purchasing t-shirts and what-not from the artists when I can afford to, but to misrepresent your auction really suck ass. A big shout to one of the best web comics available Questionable Content. Can't not mention Mega Tokyo.