Impossible Heists

I caught a commercial for this flipping through the channels a few weeks ago. I meant to check it out but ended up missing the first episode due to the fact that it's on Court TV and on at 11pm. Odd station and time = me not remembering. I did catch the second episode and while not what I had envisioned still agood show. Apparently it's based on a British show. The following is a quote from the site.

Quoted from shows site:
It's like "Ocean's 11" meets "Survivor!" Two teams of skilled professionals are challenged to execute a complex and physically demanding heist while trying to elude the highest-tech security and they have only a few hours to do it.

Each show is a re-creation of a famous, audacious and sometimes unsolved heist. Over the course of five weeks, you'll get know each team member inside out. Who's the smartest, who's the funniest and which team can turn a Can't Win Situation into a Big Win Payoff?