iPod Theft on the rise

Apparently everyones favorite portable music player has been causing a rise in subway felonies. The article is from the NYTimes (free reg. required). Can't say this is surprising being as the headphone give it away.
From the article:
"IPods are definitely part of the newest items to be stolen and appear to be driving the recent spike in subway robberies," said Paul J. Browne, the Police Department's deputy commissioner for public information.

"The current rash of iPod thefts resembles that of 8 Ball Jackets a few years ago. They were singled out because they were an expensive status symbol. But the difference is that iPods are easier to conceal once they are stolen, and can be sold online easily and anonymously."

8 Ball jackets. Jesus Christ that was eons ago. Even Seinfeld did a bit about it years ago.