Junk Mail of the snail mail variety

As if I don't get enough shit in my mailbox at home, I now have to contend with stacks of circulars cluttering the antrance to the building. Recently the owner installed a lock on the outside door of the building. That is we have 2 doors. The first (the one with the new lock) leads to the mailboxes and intercomm. The second is the one you get buzzed in through. Now to me it makes no sense in having the first door locked as how is UPS, FedEx and the others supposed to get in to ring your doorbell? Shit I have missed several packages this way already. This includes the USPS as their express delivery guys don't have the key that unlocks the key to the door the regular post guys use. What this has lead to aside from people being inconvinienced by not being able to receive packages, is a small mountain of flyers, circulars and such being piled up by the door on your way in. Or worse yet in front of the second door because the outside door won't always lock.