Blunts, Vaporizer, Sheets or Bongs

I'm sure that this is something that changes depending on where you are from, but when I was a kid and someone said they were smoking weed it was usually no question as to how they were smoking. They were smoking a joint and it was made by rolling the weed in sheets of either Bamboo or E-Z Widers. Yes I realize that there are many other brands of rolling papers with Zig-Zags quickly jumping to mind, but the fact is that in these here parts, no matter what establishment you entered (of those that sold any at all) they always had those 2 brands. This is how everyone I knew that smoked weed smiked it. Then sometime in the late 80's while in NYC picking up at our then favorite spot/record store (records are round wax discs that were used to listen to music, works sort of like the cd. Don't laugh I have had people ask me) the dread at the counter asked if we wanted some fonta to roll in. Having tried and failed miserably at fonta rolling we declined stating the difficulties we had trying to seal a fonta. He recommended using blunts. This was my introduction to other methods of rolling weed. From Phillies to Backwoods, White Owls to Dutch Masters cigar wrappings became the sheets of choice to the younger generation. While there are some that use bongs and other methods to inhale that siclly sweet smoke others stick to their blunts. There are people that enjoy blunts but sadly have no skills when it comes to rolling. For these unfortunate few there is still hope. Let me share some tips that might make your rolling easier and more enjoyable.
First you need to make sure that you are breaking it up correctly. If you are using your hands and nothing else you may find that letting the herb sit out for half an hour or so outside of the bag or whatever container it is in prior to breaking it up. This allows the weed to dry out a bit and break up a bit easier and in a more even manner. Another way is to use some type of grinder to get the job done. There are 2 main types of grinders you will see in use round here. Electric and manual. Electrics tend to be coffee or spice grinders. These are great as they not only break up the weed into a nice consistency, but it also seperates the seeds and stems. Common problems in using an electric grinder seem to involve overgrinding it. Overgrind your weed and you will pop a vessel trying to inhale. Weed that has been overground is usually only good for pipe or bong smoking. The perfect grind is when the seeds are still whole and the stems are clearly visible and easily seperated from the weed. A hand grinder works the same way except it will not hold as much weed and it is not as good at giving you that nice even grind. Beware when purchasing a hand grinder as some of the cheaper ones use nails and are easily breakable. Whichever type of grinder you end up using if you decide to use one, make sure that the weed you are going to roll is broken up evenly and you have removed all stems and seed and seed components.
You could use a rolling machine if the grinder hasn't made enough of a difference. There are 3 main types of rolling machines that I am aware of. 1=> Rolling mat. 2=> Autorollers. 3=> Injectors. Now of the three only the first two are usable with blunts of any type. Mats I personally don't know how to use. The roller type rolling machine is simple though. Basically you seperate the two rollers and pack the machine with your choice herb. Spread it evenly then close the rollers and give it a quick roll towards you to form the weed. Insert the blunt you have trimmed to size with the insides facing you. Gently roll the rollers towards you till the very edge is the only thing showing. Moisten the edge and run it the rest of the way through. (This applies to sheets as well. Insert them with the gummed side facing you)Open the rollers and remove the blunt. At this point you will want to test the draw to ensure it isn't too tight. If you find it is, simply lift the edge you just moisted and reseal. This will allow the blunt to loosen some and give you a much better draw.
The third machine is the injector. This is truely a marvel. You fill the chamber with your weed, close the lid, place a tube (A pre-made cigarette tube that has a filter arttached) and slide the device forward and back like if you were cocking a pistol. You end up with a literal marijuana cigarette. Cool thing about this is if you ever get pulled over with these they will draw no attention as they blend in with the other cigarettes in a pack. I know people that don't smoke, but carry a pack just to blend these in with. A good ratio is 60/40. This way you ensure the smell of the weed won't be overpowering.
Bongs and vaporizers work in much the same way except that the vapor machine superheats the weed and you don't ever really see any smoke. The taste is totally different and it takes some getting used to IMHO.
Well there it is a very short and quick overview on some of the methods used to smoke weed round here. Look for a complete article includung pictures in a local zine near you.