Just what exactly is it about rain that pushes borderline asshole over that edge? You'd think the world was coming to an end the way some people re-act. I'm not talking about huge hurricane type of rain/thudershowers here. I'm talking about a short isolated sprinkle. Now before all you haters start bringing up your lame arguments that rain today (in the NJ area) was not the usual, yes your right. It rained a little hard today. Boo-fucking hoo. If you have problems driving in the rain then don't. I don't see the problem here. The idiot drivers on the road aside, some of the people on the streets are worse than the drivers. Some seem to think that a little rainfall upgrades their status on the road to a high priority vehicle or something. I've seen quite a few asshats try to cut off cars in traffic while on foot. Why do they think that they suddenly can win in this type of situation. I mean yeah I think that vehicles should out of courtesy give pedestrians the right of way especially on a rainy day. I mean shit, your still going to get there before I am and dry at that, so whats the big deal with waiting for a few seconds while I cross?
Whatever, so you see these people all geared up for the elements all on the account of a little rain. Did rain become acidic at some point? Whats the problem with getting a little wet? For the most part people I hassled on the street to ask them why they were in such a hurry in the rain told me they were trying to get home. So if your going home, whats the rush? Most common answer given: I don't want to get wet. Whats the big deal? Your going home anyway. Once you get there chances are your getting changed anyway, so I ask again. Whats the big deal?I am quite the gadget freak. So at any given time I will have several peices of tech gear on me. (Powerbook, Treo600, iPod, GPS, etc...) I am not concerned with getting any of it wet. Why? Because I spent allot of money on my stuff and I have taken precautions to prevent a bit of rain from ruining me. So if someone that has several thousand dollars worth of electronics on them isn't worried about a little rain, then what the fuck.
I love the rain. Some of my fondest memories have been sitting on the beach as a kid watching the rain come in off the ocean. Rain is good. People just suck.