Speak up

What is the deal with people anyway? Why is it if you do something that irritates, insults or in some manner bothers someone else rather than tell you about it they keep it to themselves. Some might just complain about it to other people. Do you get some type of endorphin rush from it or something? Personally I have never had a problem telling anyone what I was thinking at any particular moment. That I have difficulty in initiating conversation with people I don't know is different. Do something that I find offensive and depending on the situation there are different ways I will let you know my feelings, but let you know my feelings I will. I'm not writing this in reaction to anything that has happened to me recently, but because of an argument I heard a couple having on the street this morning. In the course of the argument she repeatedly brought up certain things that he had been evidently doing for years, yet this was the first she had ever mentioned it. (Yeah this happened outside my window at about 5:30 in the morning and went on for 45 minutes, thanks for sharing folks) I just don't get it. Why would someone keep something that irritated them inside for so long? You know if people were more willing to talk about what bothered them... You know what? Fuck it. You figure it out for yourselves. Just goes to prove people are stupid, individuals show intelligence.