State endorsed extortion

So I said I would explain and I am. Some years ago while on leave with my then wife in Minnesota I came across a hitchhiker that turned out to be the last person I thought I would run into. It was an old childhood friend from back in Jesey. It turns out he was hitchhiking because his car had been stolen. As we talk the story unfolds and I learn that his car wasn't exactly stolen, it was towed by the police. The reason it was towed was he hadn't had insurance on his 944 Porche for 3 years and he hadn't paid any of the tickets. His car is registered in NJ. Insurance for his car at the time was a staggering $8500/year. He felt he was being strong armed into paying because you must have insurance in NJ and none of the insurance companies were willing to provide liability coverage only on his new car even though he had paid cash for it. So he paid for a temp policy for a month just to register it, then let it lapse. So there we were with the insurance companies having called in their enforcers no different than the mob would to take his car. This is a true story. Looking at it that way, shit it does appear to be extortion. There is no way you can convince me that these rates are in anyway justified. THere is no possible way that this state is anymore a risk than any other with similar population and traffic. So to all insuance companies providing auto coverage in NJ fuck you and have a nice day.