O.K. so thanks to several factors I have decided to not drive a car anymore. Well not exactly. See here in New Jersey we have what you might call high insurance rates. Now I know what your thinking expensive tends to be an extremely relative term. Good example is the price of a new PowerBook. While this seems to me to be a reasonable price for what you get, (especially since I paid $3000 for my 1Ghz PB 2 years ago) someone else might not agree. So what I consider high is the $3800/Year a friend of mine pays for a 1999 Honda CRX. It's full coverage, but the car is a totally stock daily driver that very much looks it. So based on this extortion, ( I consider it extortion, I'll explain later.) the fact that parking is an extreme pain in the ass and the large amounts of asshats on the road, coupled with ever increasing price of gas and the damage it does to our environment; I will no longer drive a normal car. I plan on buying a diesel powered vehicle which I will run on biodiesel. This and I plan on building a motorcycle from scratch. The bike will likely be electric. This will be a long term project as it involves me learning some skills I have always wanted to have. From my preliminary research into the powertrain I haven't come across anything very inspiring, but I have time. Until I can put these things together though I will be using public transport and the trust SLE. (Thats shoe leather express for those that don't know).