The Return

Well I realize that I haven't posted in a while. While I've been away many things have happened and I will not talk about any of them. I will bring up the fact that there seem to be way more perverts out than usual. Perhaps they have always been there and I hadn't noticed, or maybe I am just becoming more aware of them now that I am walking much more. Doesn't really matter though. What I do know is that they seem to be a bit more obvious than they used to be. OK, maybe I said that wrong. Not that they are being more obvious, it's that they just don't care anymore. If you take the time to watch some of these guys you'll eventually notice that the older ones are still discreet about their ogling. The young cats on the other hand are not. Some of these guys are just a step before drooling out-right. Now I'm definitely not the guy to sit here and tell anyone that looking at women, especially beautiful women (I'll get to these other guys that stalk ugly women in a sec.) is wrong, but come on now. How are you just going to stare at a woman that is walking with her kids like she was a steak dinner and you haven't eaten in months. There is nothing wrong with admiring a woman but come on dude. Be a bit circumspect. There is no need for you to broadcast to everyone that you are putting her on memory lock. The ones that really disturb me are these guys that actually follow ugly women around. Now before I get another flood of email about how you shouldn't categorize women based on their looks let me just say, screw off. We all do it, men and women alike. I'm not saying that we all have the same tastes, but there seems to be a universal understanding that some people are unattractive to others. Now 'round these here parts, I have found a group of women that share certain characteristics that I find unattractive. Some of these include several of the following traits:(some of the women in this group actually posses all of these) Obesity, large moles/growths on their face/body (at times it begins on the face and covers a portion of the body as well), mustache and/or beard of manly ilk and extreme deformations.
Now normally these women lead their lives like any other ( yes some are affected by their disfigurements), but some of these women are plagued by something that you normally only associate with pretty women... Stalkers. Yes you read that right. For the last few months one of the things I have been doing is following some of these guys around. I couldn't help myself. I just had to understand why these guys did what they did. There were 3 guys that I followed for a month on differing days of the week. I found that their schedule never changed unless they came upon a new person to follow. This didn't happen often and apparently it took someone much uglier than the one they were following to change things. I have seen men do some of the weirdest things while watching. I have witnessed men jerking off to some odd fantasy while walking down the street following a woman that 99% of the male population wouldn't look at twice or for many even register that she was there. What motivates these guys?I have yet to approach one of these guys, but I am considering it. Keep checking back for an update.