Just what exactly is it about rain that pushes borderline asshole over that edge? You'd think the world was coming to an end the way some people re-act. I'm not talking about huge hurricane type of rain/thudershowers here. I'm talking about a short isolated sprinkle. Now before all you haters start bringing up your lame arguments that rain today (in the NJ area) was not the usual, yes your right. It rained a little hard today. Boo-fucking hoo. If you have problems driving in the rain then don't. I don't see the problem here. The idiot drivers on the road aside, some of the people on the streets are worse than the drivers. Some seem to think that a little rainfall upgrades their status on the road to a high priority vehicle or something. I've seen quite a few asshats try to cut off cars in traffic while on foot. Why do they think that they suddenly can win in this type of situation. I mean yeah I think that vehicles should out of courtesy give pedestrians the right of way especially on a rainy day. I mean shit, your still going to get there before I am and dry at that, so whats the big deal with waiting for a few seconds while I cross?
Whatever, so you see these people all geared up for the elements all on the account of a little rain. Did rain become acidic at some point? Whats the problem with getting a little wet? For the most part people I hassled on the street to ask them why they were in such a hurry in the rain told me they were trying to get home. So if your going home, whats the rush? Most common answer given: I don't want to get wet. Whats the big deal? Your going home anyway. Once you get there chances are your getting changed anyway, so I ask again. Whats the big deal?I am quite the gadget freak. So at any given time I will have several peices of tech gear on me. (Powerbook, Treo600, iPod, GPS, etc...) I am not concerned with getting any of it wet. Why? Because I spent allot of money on my stuff and I have taken precautions to prevent a bit of rain from ruining me. So if someone that has several thousand dollars worth of electronics on them isn't worried about a little rain, then what the fuck.
I love the rain. Some of my fondest memories have been sitting on the beach as a kid watching the rain come in off the ocean. Rain is good. People just suck.

Getting away from it all

Via the BBC:
"An internet entrepreneur with a taste for the open road is having a hi-tech motor home built for him in north Wales. Online sales agent Ben Tristem, 28, has travelled the UK since selling his flat in London and moving into a camper van. But now he is upgrading to a £250,000 vehicle complete with computers, home cinema and solar panels."
Full story

Seems a bit expensive, but I can see myself living the truely mobile life. Companies wishing to sponsor the purchase of said home for me, feel free to contact me.

Vision of danger: The Firefox Greasemonkey

Via bugtraq mailing list:

Greasemonkey is a free and very popular nowadays extension for Firefox browser. This tool lets users to add DHTML scripts to any web site and change its original behaviour. Its a nice feature, nice for good and bad guys...This short paper was written to show what can happen if user will run a "bad" script, the idea is to show the danger itself.

Click for the paper.

FBI Pressures Anarchist Internet Administrator Into Disclosing IP Addresses

Saw this on NYC.IndyMedia:
(from the Open Newswire): It's all getting very real. The administrator of flag.blackened.net, a major anarchist internet host, has gone public with a harrowing account of FBI thuggery.

According to the report on their discussion forums, two comments were posted to subdomains hosted by the server, including Infoshop.org, which claimed responsibility for "propaganda of the deed." Although the administrator "Dave" is under some kind of government gag order, he did say this: "Both incidents involve topics which are completely out of line for consideration here at flag and really I can only view them in two ways. Either people are simply ignorant about the murderous history of the FBI, or, as is my belief in one case, they are trying to make flag vulnerable to government intrusion."

Click here for the full story.


Run OSX on your iPod!!!!!

From OSXHints:
After running this site for a few years, I've come to know many people in the Mac world. Many of these fine folks are slaving away on pet projects, most of which will never see the light of day. Yet still, they toil, hoping for success. My good friend Richard is one such person. He's been obsessed with running OS X on his iPod since the day he bought his first generation machine. Not just installing it and booting a Mac with the iPod, but honest-to-goodness using OS X on the iPod. I should preface and say that Richard is brilliant, stubborn, and amazingly resourceful ... three required qualities for this particular project!
Click here to read the whole story

Yes it is an April Fools story. 'Cmon people.

Electronic Paper

I have been patiently waiting for this technology to be applied to new devises since I heard about it several years ago on TechTV.
"Yomiuri Global Newspaper - Electronic Paper" Delivers Fresh News to Visitors in Morning and Evening Editions

Toppan Printing Co., Ltd. is exhibiting a large-scale wall-sized newspaper utilizing E Ink Electronic Paper technology at EXPO 2005, Aichi Japan which started March 25, 2005.
This wall-sized newspaper application of Electronic Paper technology is called "Yomiuri Global Newspaper – Electronic Paper" (issued by Yomiuri Shimbun in cooperation with Toppan Printing Co., Ltd.). The latest news will be displayed twice daily (in morning and evening editions) throughout the duration of the EXPO (March 25 - September 25, 2005).


iPod Shuffle case

I saw this link off of Shuffle Hacks. Neat case idea. Just in time too as I will be picking one up next week. That is if they have them in stock at the Apple store. The shuffle not the gum you insensitive clods.

Use your mac to Play PSP games

A friend pointed me to a forum posting about playing PSP games over the web on your mac. You do have a mac don't you? You will need XLink Kai.

XLink Kai: Evolution VII is the third and final application in the XLink series of console tunnelling applications. Whereas in previous versions, online support was only available for XBox users, PlayStation2, Gamecube and PSP owners can now join in on the fun.

City Cameras

My town has surveilence cameras installed along a stretch of a semi-busy avenue. As I drove by the other day I noticed someone servicing the light poles and was able to spot what appeared to be a wireless transmitter that is connected to the camera. Does anyone have any info on what kind of cameras they might be? I need to get a digicam so I can photograph these types of things as I run across them.

Caserio Pictures

Caserio Pictures is soliciting donations of new or used DV equipment. CP will forcus solely on documentaries concerning social awareness and society as a whole. For now this is a one man operation with that one man being unemployed and practically homeless. Anyone wishing to help please email me.


Is there a reason that companies selling biometric products specifically fingerprint readers use simple pattern recognition? Is it just cheaper to use a method that is easily spoofed. Aside from Smartlok is any other company using the spacing and depth of the ridges and valleys in prints? (which by the way are as unique as the prints themselves. Print prints)
For those that don't know Smartlok is a NJ based company that developed and sells rentable lockers that use fingerprints as the key, so it would be rather difficult to loose your key. These are marketed to places such as railstations, airports and amusementparks to name a few. Aside from the savings in replacing keys/tokens these lockers have an audit trail that links to your fingerprint. I guess this is the death knell for using public lockers as clandestine drug drops.

Linux on the PSP?

Not yet, but if your a programmer you can help the project out.
PSP-Linux The rest can follow along at the messageboard.

The following image is just a mock-up of the splash screen.

Image Lifted from PSP-Vault

The drool inspiring AG-HVX200 DVCPRO HD P2 Camcorder

Excuse me while I wipe the drool off my keyboard. Panasonic will be unveiling a new camcorder at nab.
From What's new:
Unveiling at NAB 2005, the AG-HVX200 is the professional video industry's most anticipated technology breakthrough. This revolutionary, hand-held P2 camcorder provides 1080i and 720p recording with the production proven image quality of 100 Mbps DVCPRO HD. The AG-HVX200 records on a P2 card in 1080 in 60i, 30p and 24p; in720 in 60p, 30p and 24p; in 480 in 60i, 30p, and 24p either in DVCPRO50 and DVCPRO.
And I thought I had my camera needs list filled. There never is enough money is there?

500GB Hard Drive

Hitachi releases worlds first 500GB hard drive. At $1.00 a GB for the parallel ATA version of the SATA II verion (which is just $20 more) it is reasonably priced. I really need several of these if anyone wants to donate a few. Shit I'll take any external USB or Firewire drives you would like to send. Email me for details on where to send them.
From PCWorld:
Hitachi's new Deskstar 7K500 drive marks several milestones in the storage industry: It's the first desktop hard drive to reach 500GB and one of the first to use the speedy new SATA II interface. In terms of how it stores data, though, the Deskstar may be among the last of its kind, as drive manufacturers begin to approach the limits of how densely they can pack data using today's standard recording technology.

Exotic Dancers Events Committee

Image taken from www.ratebeer.com

We would like to extend you an invitation to join the Exotic Dancers Events Committee. Our organizations purpose is to create local, national and international events and promotions at gentleman's clubs worldwide. We are in the process of establishing the New Jersey Chapter Committee and would like to extend your club an invitation to join and have a voice in the way the committee sets up events in your town. We would like to sit all interested parties to a sit-down in hopes of coming to agreement in furtherance of the committees vision in New Jersey. Over the course of time we will be having similar meeting with club owners across the world. So whether your club is local, national or international you will be able to reach people that might otherwise not have the opportunity to patronize your club. Also on the agenda for the first meeting will be the election of the Board President.

Any interested parties please email nef

Wearable solar fashions

Nikkei.net have the scoop on the latest creation by the folks at Gifu University and Gunze Ltd. They have come up with ultra-thin solar cell that can be easily shaped, colored and applied to fabric coming in at 0.4mm thick the blouse is supposed to harness enough solar power to power a mobile phone.

$65,000 well spent

Ever wnted to be the king of the road? Well now you can for the low price of $65000. (Sorry missles not included) Let's just hope this doesn't become the next Yuppie fad. They have a hard enough time driving in a Expedition. Unfortunately we all know that offering this at a mere doubleing of the Expeditions price will only attract them in droves.

A worker polishes a SmartTruck III at the Global Security Asia 2005 exhibition in Singapore. The armoured vehicle is equipped with a full range of electronic devices that enable the five-member crew to monitor the environment and control a lethal arsenal. One button can control a .50 caliber machinegun mounted on the roof that can fire 520 rounds per minute. It is also armed with 16 missiles to shoot down incoming rocket propelled grenades in mid-air(AFP/Roslan Rahman)


Homebrew Stabilizers

For those of you that got you appetites wet by the $14 stabilizer palns that have been floating around for a while and is featured in the first issue of Make Magazine (BTW great magazine. For another great project typr magazine, although ham oriented is QEX ) here are some more plans. Some of the plans on the page include full rigs, cranes and more. Check them out.

iPod Theft on the rise

Apparently everyones favorite portable music player has been causing a rise in subway felonies. The article is from the NYTimes (free reg. required). Can't say this is surprising being as the headphone give it away.
From the article:
"IPods are definitely part of the newest items to be stolen and appear to be driving the recent spike in subway robberies," said Paul J. Browne, the Police Department's deputy commissioner for public information.

"The current rash of iPod thefts resembles that of 8 Ball Jackets a few years ago. They were singled out because they were an expensive status symbol. But the difference is that iPods are easier to conceal once they are stolen, and can be sold online easily and anonymously."

8 Ball jackets. Jesus Christ that was eons ago. Even Seinfeld did a bit about it years ago.


Now available for pre-order

Let the pre-orders begin.

Open PSP

Seth Fogie shows us how to void the warranty on the PSP.


You remember the thread on iPodlounge where helixipod posted about his iPod shuffle case? Well he has entered into a deal with Griffon Technologies to sell the iVault


For those of you that live in states that restrict the use of bulletproof vests here is what you need. I have been stopped by cops while wearing one and was never looked at twice, while a friend with a concealable level II vest got hassled. (read:arrested, confiscated, fined)


I can't talk about Ham Radio without mentioning the NJQRP Club. They have been a great radio hoembrew site for me. The still offer many kits and projects on their site. Check them out.

Budd's VersaTee

In keeping with the Ham theme Bud- W3FF and Chris have released their newest must have accessory for the BuddiPole, the VersaTee.

From the site:
The new VersaTee is truly a revolution in design for any type of portable dipole. Manufactured from a custom-made injection mold with fiberglass reinforced materials which are UV resistant, the VersaTee is built rugged and made to withstand extended outdoor use in all types of conditions.

The VersaTee contains standard 3/8" x 24 threads for mounting Buddipole antenna arms or other elements (such as Hamsticks) securely. The addition of molded pin placements allows for the use of rotating arms which lock securely into place. You can now create any dipole configuration you desire (Slopers, Vees and Inverted Vees, L shapes, Vertical dipoles, etc.) in only a matter of seconds and without fear of slipping!

You must get one now!!

Elecraft T1 Miniature 20W Autotuner

Elecraft has done it again. Coming in at 5 ounces and powered by a 9V battery the T1.

Impossible Heists

I caught a commercial for this flipping through the channels a few weeks ago. I meant to check it out but ended up missing the first episode due to the fact that it's on Court TV and on at 11pm. Odd station and time = me not remembering. I did catch the second episode and while not what I had envisioned still agood show. Apparently it's based on a British show. The following is a quote from the site.

Quoted from shows site:
It's like "Ocean's 11" meets "Survivor!" Two teams of skilled professionals are challenged to execute a complex and physically demanding heist while trying to elude the highest-tech security and they have only a few hours to do it.

Each show is a re-creation of a famous, audacious and sometimes unsolved heist. Over the course of five weeks, you'll get know each team member inside out. Who's the smartest, who's the funniest and which team can turn a Can't Win Situation into a Big Win Payoff?


Solid Gold PSP case

So I tell myself that I will refrain from posting about the PSP then someone goes and makes this:

The jacket designed by Kimora Lee Simmons is made with one pound of gold and 8ct yellow and black diamonds on the front and crock finishing on the back. Baby Phat and Phat Farm logos accented with Simmons Jewelry Co diamonds dangle from the bottom of this thing. At $35,000 it easily fits over any PSP to add extra bling.
Nothing I could come up with could follow that.

iCool Mp3

Now how cool is iCool? They have release a mmc/sd based mp3 player that has a Marijuanna faceplate and authentic marijuana smell. Aside from also providing some good ol' THC what else could we ask for. The Marijuana model and a casino model (WTF could the casino model smell like?)are in their addiction series. Go figure. If anyone has or gets one of these we would love to take a whiff.

God of War

You must get this game. Best game of the year thusfar. Beautiful detailed world. Great camera work. Great story, interesting foes. Awesome magical and combat skills. Great combat engine. I don't normally talk about games but this games is so good in so many areas... Get it now.


Hating on Mini Buses

Where to even begin on this one. If you are not from around here then you may not know what I'm talking about. Aside from the NJ Transit buses we have some independently owned and operated buses that run many of the more popular routes in the state. These were at first a local phenomenon limited to 1 or 2 routes. Over the years however they have expanded to other cities within the state. I have seen these in other states run by municipalities or large organizations like senior homes and hospitals.
Let me take a moment that I am a huge supporter of small business as I am a small business owner myself. I am also against overregulation. This unfortunately is a case of not enough regulation or perhaps non-enforcement of regulations.
A large majority of these drivers have limited abilities in this direction. Combine these limited driving abilities with the huge amount of these vehicles on the road and the fiercely competitive nature of the business and you have a recipe for disaster. Unnecessary traffic, traffic accidents and general rudeness are traits that distinguish this sub-species of homo-sapiens. The DOT needs to step i and take a look at what can be done about these guys. NJ Transit is in large part responsible for this. Instead of stepping up service in key routes, they in their infinite wisdom cut back. Thus allowing these shuttle jockeys to get a toe hold.
It wasn't all that many years ago that complete identity packets were being sold on the streets to illegal immigrants which included a drivers license a illegally obtained, yet valid one. For a small fee this could and frequently was upgraded to a CDL with whatever endorsements you wanted/needed. How many of these guys are still on the road?
Wake up NJ Transit. I am a loyal customer, but there are only so many nights that I can wait for up to an hour for a bus going my way comes along. In that one hour I may watch 5-6 shuttle vans go by. You do the math. $0.10 cheaper, more frequent. I must note that you do take your life into your own hands when you get in one though. You also might get tortured by being forced to listen to obnoxiously loud bachata music. Maybe I'm just over sensitive. Nah.


Ok, so due to having a slow period meaning that cash is tight, I will not be purchasing a PSP. If anyone would like to donate one, feel free to email me for delivery address. For all those of you early adopters, I hope you have dead pixels and get shafted trying to exchange it. Well... not really enjoy.

Ignorant dealers

I really hate guys that deal weed but don't know what they have. I've noticed that this is mainly a weed only problem as it seems that drug dealers seem to know what product they are carrying.
Dealer: Dro, I got dro
Customer: What kind you got?
Dealer:I got hydro, nigga you deaf?
Customer: No shit. It's all hydro if it's grown in water asshat.

Example 2: This is a junkie buy smack
Junkie: What you got?
Dealer: I got Smurf, China White and Champagne.
Junkie: Lemme get 3 Smurfs.

What is so hard about knowing your product? Get it together guys. If you want to buy from you, you need to know thats what you got for them to buy from you.

Junk Mail of the snail mail variety

As if I don't get enough shit in my mailbox at home, I now have to contend with stacks of circulars cluttering the antrance to the building. Recently the owner installed a lock on the outside door of the building. That is we have 2 doors. The first (the one with the new lock) leads to the mailboxes and intercomm. The second is the one you get buzzed in through. Now to me it makes no sense in having the first door locked as how is UPS, FedEx and the others supposed to get in to ring your doorbell? Shit I have missed several packages this way already. This includes the USPS as their express delivery guys don't have the key that unlocks the key to the door the regular post guys use. What this has lead to aside from people being inconvinienced by not being able to receive packages, is a small mountain of flyers, circulars and such being piled up by the door on your way in. Or worse yet in front of the second door because the outside door won't always lock.

First Post

Well here it is. The web repository for the random shit that runs through my mind. One must first come to terms with the fact that this will not be updated on a regular basis, as my mind seems to work in cycles. So there will be times when there is new content daily for some time and others when... Well you get the idea.
Chances are that I will dislike not you, but certain things about you. Although I seem to home in on these things. It's the things that people do that bother me more than anything else. Individuals are mostly intelligent but I have found that people in groups, often as small as 2-3 are sheep. IQ levels drop by as much as 50% in groups. They seem to take on a herd or hive mentality and lose all ability to think for themselves unless influenced by an outside source. Basically people suck.

Let me take a moment to thank all of the web comic artists out there. You make many days start off better than they would. Let me also take a moment to complain about the artists that ask for donations and sell art on ebay specifically to purchase new eqipment so they can post new art while away then don't. Listen I appreciate that it is HARD WORK to come up with, draw and script these comics. I support as many of the web comics as I can by purchasing t-shirts and what-not from the artists when I can afford to, but to misrepresent your auction really suck ass. A big shout to one of the best web comics available Questionable Content. Can't not mention Mega Tokyo.